Maritime Surveillance & Ports Control

Based on the experience of the Management Team, which from the beginning of the last decade worked on the main initiatives at industrial, institutional, national and European levels, today we are an engineering excellence partner that specializes in supporting the implementation of maritime policies, operational requirements analysis, technical specifications preparation and in technical assistance for the deployment of infrastructure and operating systems for maritime surveillance, as well as for the supervision of the implementation of systems and their operations and life cycle support.

MARITIME MONITORING SYSTEMS (VTS, VTMIS) « Vessel Traffic Management Information System »

 • Knowledge of the legal & regulatory framework in the field of maritime surveillance at national, international and EU community levels (policies, regulations, operational requirements, state of the art technology, performance validation protocols)
• Relations with the most important institutional stakeholders at national and European level

• Excellence and engineering know-how to set-up and support the whole life cycle of projects for maritime surveillance and monitoring technologies and systems, including modern regional VTMIS, port security systems, the AIS, LRIT, reporting systems and open sea monitoring systems.


We have the expertise & experience in integrated surveillance systems architecture design, combining, according to the specific performance requirements, possible threats and expected targets, different radar sizes and types, planning and tracking systems and customized data processing and fusion. In particular, the operational requirements may result in the combination and integration, at the tracker level, of the following:

  • Radar K-band millimetres, port and coastal surveillance for short-range and high resolution (profiling) • Coherent X-band radar for surveillance and monitoring of long-haul routes • Satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) for the detection, identification and classification of vessels on the periodic high seas (GMES) • Reporting systems and automatic identification, tracking cooperating automatic vessels identification and authentication in near and contiguous seas (AIS) and in open sea (LRIT).
  • VTMIS/VTS is utilized with a highest potential:
    • Economic growth and integration in worldwide economy by facilitating maritime transport of goods and passengers from/to Country Ports
    • Be compliant to international maritime traffic and security regulations (IALA, IMO, ISPS) to allow international commerce from/to Country
    • Increase efficiency and cooperation between government agencies and maritime companies
    • Improve security, search and rescue services.

Reference Case:

We has leading a multinational consortium for “Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMIS)” program (170M€) as a turnkey solution providing: security, communications, and complete maritime surveillance of the entire coastline and ports :

The VTMIS is a national system, delivered by a consortium comprised by 4 multinational companies from 4 countries.

This national system is designed to utilize both local knowledge and awareness, with tree level of control:

  1. control centers at local ports along the coastline,
  2. Control at regional centers providing oversight,
  3. Control at one national center with a complete overview

The VTMIS system improves the safety and security of maritime traffic to/from, and within country ports. The system enhance safety and security by tracking vessels and facilitating movements, as well as by providing early warnings for potential collisions, groundings, prevention of pollution from ships and other marine environmental issues.  Meanwhile the Port Security System provides a full video surveillance with access control, intrusion detection, perimeter protection, and passenger and goods control.