A few words about us :


►We make the difference. Our consulting team comprises only leading industry experts who have the experience and insight to deliver practical, value creating solutions – we do not employ junior or associate consultants. Our consultants have a minimum of 15 years’ experience and many have over 20 years, much of it working in operations at CxO level (operators, industries and governments)


► We recognise that all businesses are different and so we provide tailored solutions to meet specific needs. However, we draw upon our experience and an extensive library of processes, modelling tools, templates and benchmarks to provide outstanding results as efficiently as possible.




Ours Services is an unique combination of competence and experience

Ours 4 core values (R3P) : Respect, Professionalism, Perseverance and Performance


We focuses on supporting customer in growing their business by improving net revenue, by decreasing the Opex, by becoming more operationally efficient, and by seamlessly evolving their services to meet current and future demands.


INEGIS SAS is a company located in the Paris, more precisely in Orsay.